Here are links to some sites that are designed just for kids!

All Subject Sites

Sheppard's Software

Moby Max


Scholastic Interactive


Search Engines (filtered search) (Michigan Library)

Merriam-Webster (visual dictionary)

Search Engine (Top 20 search engines for kids)

Word Central (Children's dictionary, thesaurus, and rhyming)



MAP Math Activities

MAP Reading Activities

MAP Reading and Math


ScienceZone (interactive)

Why Files (interactive)

Weather (interactive)

Sun, Moon, Earth (interactive)

Food Chains (interactive)

ScienceNetLinks (interactive tools, click grade and click search)


Social Studies

Scholastic News Fourth Grade

Scholastic News Third Grade

Underground Railroad Virtual Tour

Ellis Island Virtual Tour

First Thanksgiving Virtual Tour

Ben's Guide to Government

National Geographic Kids

Westward Expansion

Sims Sweatshop 



Illuminations (common core math games)

Cool Math


Think Central;jsessionid=E7E32FA388D5AE94966F0D97BF31C728


Language Arts

English Language Learners (individual and classroom games)

Webtales (like Madlibs)

Word Hippo

NG Connect (Reach for Reading)