Rapid COVID-19 antigen testing for students and school personnel in Oceana County at Shelby Adolescent Health Center

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The Shelby Adolescent Health Center (located in the Shelby Middle School) is offering rapid COVID-19 antigen testing for students and school personnel in Oceana County. Testing is provided for informational purposes only; a patient relationship is not created with the Wellness Center. 

Are appointments necessary?  Appointments are required for testing. Please call the Shelby Adolescent Health Center at (231) 902- 8550 to schedule an appointment. At this time, appointment times will be available between 2-3:30 pm.


How is the test performed? A swab is inserted 0.5 to 1 inch into the nostril, rotated in a circular motion against the wall of the nostril, and repeated on the other nostril.


How long does it take to receive test results? Results are read within 15-30 minutes.


Who should be tested? COVID-19 symptoms may include fever, chills, shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, muscle aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Rapid antigen tests are most accurate when performed within seven days of symptom onset.


Do I go into the clinic to be tested? No. Park in the Shelby Middle School visitor parking lot and call the clinic to notify us you have arrived for your appointment. You will be instructed on the process at that time.


Is there a cost for the test? Insurance will be billed for the administration of the test. A client will not be billed for any cost that insurance does not cover.


If I had a known exposure, will a negative antigen test allow me to end my quarantine time early? No, a person must complete their full quarantine time if they are a known exposure.


Will this tell me if I had COVID-19 in the past? No, this is an antigen test, not an antibody test.


Is an antigen test as accurate as a PCR swab? No, in some circumstances, repeat or confirmatory PCR testing may be appropriate to ensure accurate results. PCR tests are the “gold standard” for COVID-19 diagnosis, but results may take several days. Antigen tests provide results within 15 -30 minutes.


Who will be notified of positive COVID-19 antigen test results? We will notify you of your test results. The local health department will be notified of positive results to assist in contact tracing.


What do I do if my test result is positive? Clients with positive results will need to self-isolate at home to prevent transmission to others. In some cases, confirmatory PCR testing may be recommended. It is the client’s responsibility to take appropriate action with regards to their test results and medical care. Contact your primary care provider for symptoms requiring further medical treatment. We can provide you documentation of a positive result if needed. The health department will call you regarding contact tracing and isolation guidelines.  

Shelby Adolescent Health Center

525 N. State St.

Shelby, MI   49455

(231) 902-8550